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When it comes to your facility’s roof, you want a strong, durable structure that offers protection. But just like with residential construction, there are new designs and ideas that can make your building more efficient or make it stand out from the crowd. What are the current commercial roofing trends that are guiding the industry today? Eason Roofing wants to show you the latest roofing trends for commercial businesses. Jump start your commercial roof repair or replacement process by considering the following options:

Asphalt and metal roofing are popular – Contractors expect to see an increase in businesses asking for low-sloped asphalt or metal roofing, as these have become quite popular for their durability.
Solar panel roofing is trending – Solar panel roofing is a growing request from businesses wishing to become more energy efficient.
Sustainable roofing is an attractive option – Sustainable roofs are increasing in popularity due to the amount of money they can save companies over time.
Traditional roofing materials aren’t going away – Even with the shift towards new roofing materials, traditional roofing isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, single-ply roofing still makes up almost 60% of orders placed by commercial roofing contractors.

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