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You’re proud of your home and you want to take good care of it. But you can’t always control what happens. That’s why Eason Roofing has made roof repair and roof replacement our business. As a trusted Rock Hill, SC roofing contractor, we’re here to help you with all of your roofing needs.

Your Roofing Contractor Rock Hill SC

Spring storms can cause trees and limbs to fall on your roof. So can winter ice storms. Hail damage and old age can cause your roof to be less effective. That means you run the risk of water damage to your ceilings and walls. The team of professionals at our roofing company near you is ready to come to the rescue. Whether you have an emergency repair or just know it’s time for a full replacement, we’ll bring over 27 years of experience to the job. We’ve built our reputation through the quality work we do. From the materials we use to the workmanship, we deliver results. We know that a good roofing job will stand the test of time. Our roofs hold up and we’ve been able to build good relationships with our customers. In fact, many of them refer us to their friends and neighbors. Best of all, when you call Eason Roofing, you’ll get 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

From design to construction, Eason Roofing has the expertise needed for your next roofing project. We are proud to be South Carolina’s top roofing company, providing services throughout Rock Hill and nearby communities. Serving all makes and models of homes and commercial properties, our team has experience working with many types of shingle materials. So whether you are in need of Shingle Roofing, Metal Roofing, or Flat Roof Repair, we have you covered. With our comprehensive services, you can trust us to provide the best installation for your residential property or commercial building. We are ready to handle all construction phases for both short-term and long-term projects. These services include tear-offs, re-roofs, roof repairs, maintenance, and inspections. We also take great pride in our hail damage repair services. When a storm knocks out your shingles or damages your property, we can help you get back to normal. In addition, we offer free estimates on all of our work!

Our team of professionals is committed to helping you complete your next roofing project. Regardless of the size, we will provide professional and talented technicians who can show up on time and work hard until the job is done. From initial consults to final inspections, we are here for you every step of the way. Our team is highly trained and experienced. We can quickly diagnose any roofing issues and provide a solution the first time around. Additionally, we will ensure that your home or business receives quality workmanship and materials. If you need commercial roof repair, we are there for you. Eason Roofing offers a wide range of services, so whether you need residential roofing services or commercial roofing, we have the knowledge to get the job done right. We are proud to be Rock Hill’s top roofers, providing roofing installation and repairs at affordable costs.

Our Roofing Contractor Rock Hill SC Services

We’re a full-service roofing contractor for all types of jobs. From building a brand new home to replacing a worn-out roof, we can do it all. Whatever it is, give us a call and we’ll come take a look at your roof. We’ll always give you our honest opinion and we won’t recommend work that you don’t need. Our commercial and residential roofing services include:

  • Roof replacement
  • Roof repair
  • Skylights
  • Custom metal works

Roofs take abuse every day. From falling tree limbs to flying rocks, and even wind damage can cause problems with your roof. These damages can lead to further issues, especially if left unattended. That’s why when you notice that there is a problem, it is important to call a roofer for a roofing service in Rock Hill, SC.

  • Signs of the flat roof needing repairs:
    • Your flat roof is getting leaks during rainfall or other storms.
    • Water seeps through the ceiling or walls of your home or business, especially in one specific area.
    • There are visible dark spots on the ceiling below your flat roof.
    • You have a bulge in the ceiling below your flat roof, or if there is a visible crack running across it.
  • Signs of a metal roof needing repairs:
    • There are rust stains on the ceiling below your metal roof.
    • The paint on your metal roof has patches missing, especially near joints and other high-traffic areas.
    • You can see patches of metal on your roof, or there are visible holes in the metal.
  • Signs of a shingle roof needing repairs:
    • There is an area on your shingle roof where multiple layers of shingles are missing. Depending on how long it has been this way, it may be difficult to tell what was originally there.
    • There are missing shingles near the ridge of your roof, which is typically where they are most exposed to wind damage or wear and tear.
    • The granules on your shingle roof have worn away in certain areas to reveal the bare asphalt, leaving it looking brown instead of the typical gray.
    • If you have an older shingle roof, there could be loose or missing granules around your gutters and eaves, which should not be the case if the roof is in good shape.

Whatever your problem with your roof may be, you must call a professional before it causes any more damage. Whether it’s a leaking problem, loose shingles, metal panels flapping in the wind, or anything else that you’ve noticed is wrong with your roof; calling Eason Roofing will help get things back to normal.

Here to Serve Your Rock Hill, SC Neighborhood

Eason Roofing has served homeowners throughout York County for over 25 years. During that time, we’ve worked on many roofs in the Rock Hill area. Trust us to help you take care of your home in Meadow Lakes, Laurel Creek, Millwood, Heathwood, Seventeen Acres, and other nearby neighborhoods. If your home’s for sale, call us to get your roof in great shape before you put it on the real estate market. We also do roof repairs for rental properties.

Commercial Roofing Rock Hill SC

When it comes to commercial roofing, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all solution,” and the same goes for types of roofing. Commercial roofs must be designed with specific criteria in mind: whether it be carrying heavy loads (such as on industrial buildings), high wind speeds (found in agricultural areas), or the need for a highly sustainable roof (such as on green buildings). We can service a wide variety of commercial roofing systems, which may include:

Tile roofs. Tile roofs are highly durable and resistant to fires, wind, and hail. It is an investment that will last for decades; however, installing tile roofing can be quite costly. Methods such as clay tiles, concrete tiles, and terracotta tiles are also available.

Shingle roofs. These provide a great look and are very cost-effective. Shingle roofs can be found in various colors, and valleys are not required for installation. However, they do have their limits regarding withstanding high winds or heat. They also have a shorter life span than other roofing types at around 10-20 years depending on the shingles used.

Metal roofs. These are the most expensive roofing systems, but they also have a very long life span and can easily withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy snowfall or hurricanes. They require little to no maintenance and resist corrosion well due to their aluminum content. Some metal roofing types include standing seam, corrugated, and panel.

Build up roofs. These are made up of multiple layers of roofing materials, including asphalt, felt paper, gravel or tar, and shingles. This type of roofing is highly recommended for areas that receive heavy snowfall. They also provide an excellent barrier to sunlight which can affect the interior temperature in buildings.

Single-ply roofs. Single-ply roofs are made from a single layer of the membrane. They can come with an extensive array of benefits, including improved water resistance, lower installation costs, and less material waste. They also offer excellent energy efficiency and can be installed on low-slope and shaped roofs.

Residential Roofing Rock Hill SC

We provide roof replacement, roof repair, and other residential roofing services in Rock Hill, SC, including maintenance and installation. Have you noticed any of these signs that your home’s roof needs repair or replacement?

  • Missing shingles or nails
  • Damaged flashing or water leakage
  • Curled and cracked shingles
  • Curled or warped shingles

If so, it may be time to have your roof inspected by a professional. Call us today for more information on our services and what we can do for you. When it comes to roofing, we Eason Roofing know we’re the best option for homeowners throughout the area. No one wants to deal with damage or leaks due to wind or storms. That’s why our residential roofing services will ensure your home is protected and that you won’t have to worry about getting caught in a downpour. We use the highest quality products available in the industry and install them, focusing on craftsmanship and excellence that will result in a roof that will last for many years.

Our team of experts is qualified to check your roof and determine what repairs or replacements are needed. If your roof needs repair, we can do that too! After all, you don’t want to have less than a perfect home when you have just spent so much money on it. We offer the best warranties in the business and will work tirelessly to ensure that you are completely satisfied. When the time comes to find quality craftsmanship, look no further than Eason Roofing. Our experienced roofers are experts at roofs, including shingle, flat, metal, slate, tile, and even rubber roofs. We only use the best materials in the industry when repairing your roof.

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Roofing service in Rock Hill, SC can be a daunting project to take on, but if you have the right company working with you from the beginning, it should go more smoothly. We’ve been in this industry for years, and we know what makes an exceptional roof installation and repair. With our help, your new roof will not only look great but also last longer than ever before! If you need a Roofing Service Rock Hill SC or just want some advice about maintaining your current roof to last as long as possible, give us call today. Get a free roofing estimate from Eason Roofing by calling (803) 620-1364. There’s no obligation. Our friendly staff will talk to you about your roofing needs and determine how we can help. We look forward to speaking with you soon! Eason Roofing is an established roofing contractor in Rock Hill, SC. Call us for service or a free estimate in the following zip codes: 29730, 29731, 29732, 29733, and 29734.

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