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Many factors can affect the life of a roof…

Deterioration and damage caused by exposure to the elements such as wind, rain, and weather take its toll on many types of roofs. Poor maintenance is also a contributor to early roof failure and roof repair costs in Rock Hill SC. One building component that has been shown to prolong the roof’s life in Rock Hill SC is a roof coating. The application of a protective layer can increase the protection of your roof against ultraviolet rays, water damage, and airborne contaminants like debris, soil particles, and acid rain. While applying a protective layer to your roof is not something you need to do regularly, it does require due diligence to maintain your roof for as long as possible.

Roofing is a very important part of every home or building. A roof protects the roof from environmental disasters like heavy rains, strong winds, storms etc. It also prevents water seepage in walls and foundation which deteriorates them slowly. Roofing requires regular maintenance to ensure that they are intact for more years. If you are looking to make your roof more long lasting and need to protect it from water seepage, you might want to consider applying a coating on the top. Here are some benefits of roof coating for your home or business space.

  • It protects the top of the building from harsh weather conditions like heavy storms, heavy rains etc.
  • When applied correctly, roof coating adds an extra layer of protection to the roof, which helps it last for many more years.

  • When you coat your building with a coating, it prevents water seepage in the walls and foundation. This protects the building from damage due to water seepage.
  • It has antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of mildew, lichens, etc., on the roof, damaging it in the long run.

  • It protects against UV rays of sun which are harmful for metal roofs.

  • It enhances the look of the building, making it aesthetically appealing. So overall, roof coatings help protect your building from water seepage and environmental disasters.

A roof coating service is the application of a thick liquid that coats the surface of a roof to protect it. It is composed of acrylic polymers, which keep water from seeping into the substrate and causing leaks inside the building. Most coatings also act as a thick barrier beneath roofs.


There are several types of roof coatings designed to fulfill different needs.

A roof coating service is the application of a thick liquid that coats the surface of a roof to protect it. It is composed of acrylic polymers, which keep water from seeping into the substrate and causing leaks inside the building. Most coatings also act as a thick barrier beneath roofs. For example, some roof coatings can be used to create a waterproof seal over the substrate of an existing roof, while others are applied as a waterproofing system that is built into new roofs. In general, most quality roof coatings have several important features in common: they are durable and long-lasting, water-based and non-toxic, fast-drying and easy-to-clean, breathable, and mold/mildew resistant. Roof coating is a great way to fix a problem that many homes have: a leaking roof. It can also be used as an effective elastomeric roof coating system by those who want to extend the life of their roof. Some of the most common types of roof coating for residential and commercial properties include.

  • Elastic Coatings. Elastic coatings can stretch and return to their original shape over small movements, and they can be used as a solution for cracks, holes, and tears. In addition, these coatings offer strong adhesion and, when combined with the right primer create a seamless waterproof membrane.
  • Reflective Coatings. Reflective coatings are usually made with an acrylic polymer or another elastomer suspended in water, and sometimes additional substances such as titanium dioxide is used as the whitening agent. The coating contains reflecting pigments that will reflect the Sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • Two-Component Systems. This type is most often used by professional applicators because it takes some time to apply this coating. Two-component coatings contain a polyurethane or acrylic base that needs to be mixed with a hardener.
  • Traditional Asphalt Based Systems. Traditional asphalt coating is easy to apply and can cost as little as $1.00 per gallon to buy and $3.50 per gallon. The downside of this system is that it only has a life expectancy of about five years before it needs to be redone or resurfaced, which can add an average of $1,500 – $2,000 to the total cost.
  • Modified Bitumen, Or Rubberized Asphalt. This type is a more expensive version of traditional roof coatings. It’s made with recycled materials and works best on lower slope roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs, concrete, masonry surfaces, and shingles. This coating has the highest heat tolerance of any roof coating out there.

Commercial Roof Coating

Commercial Roof Coatings Contractor

Commercial roofing is an important commercial feature that contributes to customers’ first impression. Because of that, the appearance of commercial roofs should be attractive and interesting. Moreover, roof coating plays a significant role in protecting building interiors from water leakage and mold growth during rainfalls. There are three types of commercial roof coatings: acrylic, elastomeric, and silicone. Acrylic coatings are the cheapest because they’re easy to use; however, this type of coating cannot last long because it has a short life span of about one to three years only. On the other hand, elastomeric roof coatings can last for about seven to twenty years, depending on which side of the roof you are looking at. It is more expensive than acrylic coatings because this kind of coating covers a larger area. Lastly, silicone roofs are known for their durability but it’s also the most expensive type of commercial roofing coatings. Its average life span is from ten to twenty years.

Materials used for commercial roof coating are similar to those of an industrial but with specific requirements. This is because the materials on a business building can be exposed to chemicals such as fuels and oils (e.g., gasoline, diesel). These coatings must be highly resistant to different weather conditions and corrosive elements such as salt spray and chlorine. A roof coating can dramatically affect the condition of a roof. Adding an extra layer can provide a waterproof barrier between your commercial building and the elements, keeping it well maintained so you don’t have to pay for costly repairs. Keeping a clean and safe environment is essential if you run a business, so you need to schedule professional roof coating in Rock Hill, SC. If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of a new roof, contact our experts at Eason Roofing! We offer roof coating services and provide a detailed quote for each step in the process. When you choose to work with our professionals, it’s easy to find out how much your project will cost, and what you can expect as far as results go.

Roof Coating | Save Money

Roof coating is a great way to save money.

Since dirt and other harsh weather elements can damage the shingles on your home’s roof, it might be cheaper, in the long run, to have the coating put on rather than repairing or replacing your entire roof. You will also have peace of mind knowing that your professionally installed coating will keep the elements from deteriorating your roof, so you won’t have to keep paying for expensive repairs. Roof coating has several key advantages over other types of roofing materials, including safety and cost-effectiveness. It is noncombustible and offers a high degree of protection for your roof, both under normal weather conditions and with high winds. Plus, the reflective surface will keep the temperature inside your home even more over time. A reflective coating can also reduce energy costs. With black roofs averaging 35 percent less efficient than white roofs, a quality coating can help you save on heating and cooling bills throughout the year and enjoy optimum comfort in your home.

Professional roof coating also prolongs the life of your roof and will ensure that it is usable for years to come. What kind of roof would you choose if you were building a house today? The one that’s guaranteed to last 20 years or has a good chance of leaking within two? The application of Roof Coating is also safer for everyone. It helps keep houses cool by sealing off any damaged areas. This may reduce fire risk by preventing sparks from entering your house through a hole in your roof. Lastly, roof coating can keep you safe from falling through a damaged roof because it prevents leakage and therefore keeps the floor where you’re walking solid. No more worrying about stepping into a puddle of water or onto a soft spot!

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We are Eason roofing, a top roofing company in Rock Hill, SC. We have provided quality roof coating services for homeowners and business owners alike for years. We are known for our speedy service, affordable prices, and unparalleled customer experience. Our high-quality products give your home or business that straight-from-the-majesty look. We provide all kinds of roof coatings, including:

  • Water-based coating
  •  Solvent-based coating
  •  Eco-friendly coating

Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction has helped us grow into the leading roofing company in this region. You can always rely on our team and products with complete confidence — we back every project 100%. We have a huge inventory of roof coating materials, so we can quickly get started on your order. In fact, you’ll have your new roof in just one day! What’s more, if any issues come up while we work — say a door or window is in the way — we will inform you immediately and adjust our schedule to accommodate. Within a day of work completion, you’ll be able to enjoy your new roof. Our high-performance coatings are incredibly durable so that they won’t break the bank with future repairs and replacements. In fact, we guarantee our work for life — no matter what type of material we used! Our services include simple roofing coatings, waterproofing, and TPO coating. Reroofing services are available, too! If your roof isn’t looking its best or requires some repairs, we have you covered. We work with all types of materials, so there’s no too big or small job. You can count on Eason Roofing no matter what you choose for your home or business. We are here to stay, so reach out today for a free quote!

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