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In Fort Mill, SC, new homes abound. But even though your home’s just been built, it can still suffer roof damage.

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Unpredictable weather can bring hail storms and fallen trees. High winds can blow off shingles, causing water to seep in through your roof. If this happens to you, you need a reliable Fort Mill, SC roofing contractor to make things right. That’s when you need to call Eason Roofing. Whether you need roof repair or roof replacement, our team of seasoned professionals knows how to assess the damage, develop a plan of action, and get your roof back to like-new condition. We have over 25 years of experience in the roofing industry and it shows. That’s why we’re able to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job we do. Purchasing a home is not something to take lightly. One major consideration you need to take into account when purchasing a house is the roof. The roof protects your home from all kinds of elements such as rain, snow, wind, and heat. You need to be sure that it is in good condition. A few common signs that indicate your Fort Mill SC home needs a new roof include: Peeling and bubbling paint, inside of your home is warm even on a cold day, the shingles are curling, loose, or missing, and the age of the roof (10-15 years). If you notice any of these signs when viewing a home that you’re thinking about buying, it’s best to have the roof inspected by a professional. Since roofs can last upwards of 20 years, you want to ensure that any roofing issues are addressed.

At Eason Roofing, we specialize in installing different types of roofing systems, including shingles, rolled roofing systems, tile roofing, metal roof, and slate roofing. Quality workmanship is our top priority. We also offer professional roof repair services to homes in the Fort Mill, SC area. If you need assistance with your roofing project or would like our opinion on issues you think you may be having with your home’s roof, give us a call today! We are also proud to offer comprehensive commercial roof repair services throughout Fort Mill. In addition, we provide roofing installation and replacement services. Call us today to learn more about the best roof repair techniques for your home! Roofing Fort Mill SC can be a very expensive proposition. Depending on your case, it can be actually less expensive to replace the structure instead of repairing it. Before you go this route, be sure to talk to a reputable roofing company for guidance and expert suggestions. If you’re in Fort Mill, SC, Eason Roofing is just around the corner. Don’t hesitate to call!

Our Roofer Fort Mill SC Services

Whether you’re building a new home, getting ready to put your home on the real estate market, making upgrades to homes for rent, or maintaining a commercial property, we have the expertise you need. As an established roofing company near you, we’re proud to offer our customers in Fort Mill a number of top-tier services including the following:

Full roof replacement
Roof repair
Custom metal work

Eason Roofing is a 100% local family-owned business that specializes in roofing installation, repair, replacement, and inspection. We are fully insured for your protection with workers compensation & liability insurance. Our company does not sub out work to unknown companies or subcontractors. We are a licensed, insured company with over 20 years of combined experience in all types of roofing installation and repair services for both commercial and residential properties. Our goal is to provide the best workmanship at an affordable rate ensuring complete customer satisfaction. We offer free estimates on new roofs, re-roofs, siding, gutters, etc. We use only high-quality materials with superior workmanship & provide many options to meet your individual needs. We work with all types of roofing materials including shingles, wood shakes & metal roofs. Our services include installation of skylights and chimneys. We also install gutters, replace broken gutters, downspouts, and flashing. If you’re in need of quality roofing service, please contact us. Our team is experienced and qualified to handle the job.

Commercial Roofing Fort Mill SC

Commercial Roofers for Fort Mill SC businesses are likely to be on-site more often than their residential counterparts. Most commercial structures are big enough that the roof is not seen by anyone unless there is an issue. And it’s usually not a pretty picture when they do see it or walk across it. Commercial roofs typically consist of one or more layers of ice barrier products, insulation board products, built-up roofs (BUR), single ply, modified bitumen, or rubber membranes. These are fastened over a deck substrate featuring either a flat to low-slope or low-angle to steep-slope design. The surface is typically made of sheet metal, precast concrete tiles, clay tiles or concrete shingles.

To ensure a roof’s insulation and waterproofing capabilities, regular inspections are necessary to spot problems while they’re still small. In addition, repairs must be done quickly, or other problems may occur that would add additional costs, such as unsightly leaks that then damage the interior of a building directly below it. Commercial roofs are also subject to different environmental factors than residential ones. For example, salt from roads and high winds cause a great deal of damage that residential roofs typically do not face. Due to the critical nature of a roof’s function, an owner or tenant may wish to seek the advice of a contractor before moving forward with any repairs. Many companies offer free inspections and estimates on roof repair. At Eason Roofing, we handle all types of commercial roofing Fort Mill, SC. Our licensed and insured roofers are always available to help you with your needs. Call us!

Residential Roofing Fort Mill SC

Roofing services are an important part of any reliable roofing contractor’s portfolio. If you are considering hiring a roofer for your residential roofing Fort Mill SC, you must precisely understand what you should look for to ensure that your home is properly taken care of. The first thing you want to do if you are considering hiring a residential roofing contractor is to ensure that the contractor has the necessary experience in residential roofing. A good way to determine whether or not a company has enough experience with residential roofs is by simply asking them about their previous jobs, just as you would ask if they had done any commercial projects before. Keep in mind that both types of roofs entail important safety measures that must be taken into consideration at all times. Also, a good way of finding out whether a contractor has enough experience is simply looking at their previous jobs portfolio. For example, if you are looking for a roofer in Fort Mill SC and have worked on some commercial roofs but never on any residential roofs, it will be worth your while to look for a roofer specializing in residential roofs. This way, you can ensure that they are fully aware of all the necessary safety measures needed when working on a residential roofing project.

You should also ensure they have an insurance policy if any accidents happen during the job. While this may sound like an obvious point, you would be surprised at how many roofers out there do not have their insurance policies when things go wrong. Finding a reputable roofing contractor is hard, but if you are in Fort Mill, SC, and ask for recommendations, Eason Roofing is the company you’ll hear. There’s a reason why we are the trusted roofers in the area, and our long list of satisfied clients can testify to the quality of service we provide.

Serving Your Fort Mill Neighborhood

We are proud to offer roofing services in Fort Mill, SC. Our team of professional roofers is ready and waiting to serve you with the best customer service possible. Whether your need a new roof or just an annual inspection, our company can help! Eason Roofing is well-known throughout the Fort Mill area. Over the years, we’ve worked with many of your neighbors in Baxter Village, Springfield, Regent Park, and Masons Bend. It doesn’t matter if you’re building your dream home in a new development, or renovating a historic home in downtown. We’ll install a roof that will last for many years or make repairs that will help you avoid further damage to your home. Call Eason Roofing today at (803) 620-1364 for a free estimate. There’s no obligation and no pushy salesmen—just friendly folks who want to help you solve your roofing problems. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Eason Roofing is an established roofing contractor in Fort Mill, SC. Call us for service or a free estimate in the following zip codes: 29707, 29708, 29715, and 29716.

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