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Your house and your roof need to be a perfect match. In some cases, finding the perfect roof to complement your home can sometimes be difficult. What about metal roofing? Could a metal roof be a good fit for your Lake Wylie, SC home? Eason Roofing wants you to have the best roof possible. Here are some reasons why metal may be the right choice.

  • The materials make a difference – Metal roofs may be made from a variety of materials, including copper. But regardless of the kind of metal used, these roofs tend to be more energy-efficient. Metal roofing is highly durable and really stands up to harsh outdoor elements like wind, rain, and hail. This is a real benefit when you live on the lake and have to deal with strong summer thunderstorms.
  • The visual aesthetics are good – Metal roofs make a bold statement visually. Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous style options for homeowners to choose from, including a variety of colors.
  • The cost is only part of what you should consider – While metal roofs tend to be more expensive than other types (such as traditional shingle roofs), the benefits far outweigh the costs. Metal roofs tend to last far longer than their less-expensive counterparts. Plus, they’re fire-resistant and more weather-resilient.

Are you interested in adding a metal roof to your Lake Wylie home? Contact Eason Roofing to speak with our roofers. We’d love to show you what we can do for your home!

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